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2018 Minnesota Runners of the Year
March Leaders

Age Women Men
Open Dakotah Lindwurm Alec Olson
35-39 Casey Schwarz
Angie Williams
40-44 Angie Voight Eric Loeffler
45-49 Kara Parker Gregg Robertson
50-54 Sonya Decker Robert Economy
55-59 Marise Widmer Patrick Billig
Pete Kessler
60-64 Carol Hammer Bobby Paxton
65-69 Barbara Matthees Michael Mann
70-74 Gloria Jansen John Labalestra
75-79 Sandra Dalquist David Roseen
80-84 Dorothy Marden Darrell Christensen
Minnesota Runners of the Year Women 1986-2018
Minnesota Runners of the Year Men 1986-2018
Minnesota Runners of the Year All 1986-2018

Rankings compiled by Mike Setter

Proper documentation must be submitted by event management, with results, for recognition of road race performances.

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Minnesota All Time Age Records
(updated 2017.12.16)

Age Record Holders - Alphabetical
(updated 2017.12.16)

Race results are added to the ROY lists after the results AND documentation are received.

The text of the current "reminder" email that is sent to Race Directors - prior to their events - for the submission of "official" results and documentation is at minnesota_ldr_race_results_reminder.htm.